SHOWBIZ TOP 5 (Tuesday, May 15th)

5.Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have this helicopter pad on the grounds of their home in the south of France and it’s just SITTING there. So Angelina decides to surprise her man with a brand new helicopter and flying lessons. A source says Brad already has his private pilot’s license, but he still needs a few lessons to brush up on his skills. PS, rumor has it that when Angelina and Brad announced their engagement, his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston sent over a huge bouquet to congratulate them.
4.It looks like Kanye West will be part of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” He was at Kourtney’s baby shower on Saturday and cameras were rolling. Kim says she wants to share her life with all of us, but she won’t be quite as open with Kanye as she was with Kris Humphries. AND she says we shouldn’t expect to see her and Kanye taking bubble baths or swinging over the bed, a la Khloe and Lamar, either, so don’t get too excited. Season seven of “Keeping Up” premieres this Sunday night on E!
3.While Kanye was at Kourtney Kardashian’s baby shower, baby daddy Scott Disick was not. He was on the other side of the country, partying it up poolside at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City. Sources say he was ordering shots and Heinekens from noon till 5, squeezing in a little Caesar salad for lunch. All of that got the best of him and Scott went from partying poolside to puking in a garbage can.
2.It’s official because we saw the Twit Pic! Britney Spears and Demi Lovato are joining Simon Cowell and LA Reid as judges on “The X Factor.” The deals weren’t signed until the very last minute, just in time for the FOX Up Fronts in NYC. Britney’s co-conservators — her dad Jamie Spears and her fiance Jason Trawick — signed her $15 million on her behalf. Demi could sign for herself, but she’s reportedly earning just over a million dollars for her judging skills.
1.Is John Doe #2 suing or not? His attorney said yesterday that rumors he and his client agreed to meet with John Travolta and his attorney for mediation behind closed doors were not true. They were still suing for $2 million. But then he back-tracked and said his client would accept $250K as an out-of-court settlement because he just wants to get his life back. Meantime, is reporting that those emails John Doe #2 sent to his bosses at the Atlanta spa the day he claims he was assaulted by John Travolta contain no mention of John or the assault. Instead, he begins, “After careful thought regarding the recent events that took place today,” he decided to resign his position as lead massage therapist and just go back to regular massage therapist and esthetician. Wait a minute! What “events” are you talking about?? You need to be more specific about those recent events, dude! You could’ve just cost yourself $2 million.