Ariana Grande Bids Farewell To Nickeloden’s Canceled ‘Sam And Cat’

Nickelodeon has announced that it will be canceling Sam and Cat, the live-action comedy that catapulted Ariana Grande to fame before she became known as a pop star.

Even when she was promoting her 2013 debut Yours Truly, and certainly when it went on an months-long hiatus, Sam and Cat started to feel like a footnote in Grande’s career. But in an extended post on Facebook and Twitter, Grande (who played Cat, the show’s “seemingly developmentally challenged redhead” according to some) remembers the show fondly.

“As we grow up we become more and more jaded and fearful of how we come across,” Grande says. “We hold back a little more, protect ourselves a little more and although Cat goes through the same ridicule as anybody else does growing up, she never changed or lost her childlike wonder. To me that’s the bravest, most special thing about her.” More »