Ariana Grande’s ‘My Everything’ Target Bonus Tracks: Listen To “Cadillac Song” And “Too Close”

Ariana Grande released her much-hyped sophomore LP My Everything on Sunday night (August 24) and it raced straight to number one on the iTunes download chart. Which is no surprise given the success of the set’s two lead-in singles “Problem” and “Break Free”. But if you’re hoping for more contemporary pop from the Target bonus tracks, brace yourself for disappointment.

“Cadillac Song” and “Too Close” (sadly not a Next cover) retreat to distinctly middle of the road territory. In fact, both retro R&B-lite anthems sound like filler from her ballad-heavy debut album Yours Truly. Of the two, “Cadillac Song” is a little smoother, while “Too Close” serves a few too many when-friends-become-lovers cliches. Listen to the stillborn bonus Target tracks below!