‘Dad’ Replies to Magic’s ‘Rude;’ Watch!


Entitled ‘The Dad’s Side of the Story,’ Benji and Jenna Cowart took to YouTube with a guitar (and a hamper of laundry for ‘Mom?”  How sexist!) to answer to Magic’s hit song “Rude.”

Included in the message come the usual zingers about the future son-in-law making something other than burgers and fries, living in his mom’s basement, and the not-so-subtle implication that someone could end up at the “bottom of a lake.”  Yikes.

Okay, so I’m gonna say it; these two are gospel singers.  That’s right; Mr. and Mrs. “Bottom of the lake” are praise worship singers.  On their website, we learn…

“Benji and Jenna Cowart have been leading worship for almost 15 years and are both originally from the Nashville, TN area. After graduating from Belmont University, they were married in 1997, and their journey in ministry began. In the beginning, they led for various camps and youth groups, and also had the opportunity to serve under Travis Cottrell leading for Beth Moore Living Proof conferences. Over the past 15years, they have added three incredible children, a minivan, and a dog to their lives.  Through this time they have served in churches in Florida, Las Vegas, Georgia and currently Buffalo, NY at The Chapel at Crosspoint.”

Thumbing through the Bible to find that “bottom of the lake” verse?  Don’t bother.  It ain’t in there.  Their video’s below, though.  Like?