Dozens Hospitalized After Attending Boston Avicii Concert. So, Why?


Three dozen Avicii concert-goers – a lot of them minors – were sent to Boston area hospitals, according to the Boston Globe.

“…Michael Bosse, deputy superintendent for Boston EMS, said at the scene that over 50 people were treated or evaluated at the scene, and 36 other patients were transported to hospitals from the Garden. There were no fatalities, and all of the patients’ symptoms were minor, an EMS worker said.  The medical problems happened during a packed and steamy electronic dance concert featuring the Grammy-nominated electronic dance music DJ Avicii.

The concert took on heightened urgency when medical emergency services declared a Phase 2 MCI, indicating about 30 people needed to be taken to hospitals. There were numerous ambulances and a Boston EMS emergency trailer, along with Boston police, at the scene.  …”

The Globe article mentions alcohol and drug abuse as the prevalent factor; it also alludes to the arena being “packed and steamy,” but made no mention of any HVAC issues at the TDA meritrade Garden.