Katy Perry Launches A Record Label, Duets With First-Signing Ferras On “Legends Never Die”

Who knew Katy Perry was such a baller? The serial chart-topper announced the launch of her own record label Tuesday (June 17). Metamorphosis Music, a joint venture with Capitol Records, is not a vanity project either. The company has already signed Ferras as their first artist and wasted no time releasing his self-titled EP digitally.

If the name sounds a little familiar to you, it’s because Ferras was signed to Capitol at the same time as Katy and even had a minor radio hit way back in 2008 with “Hollywood’s Not America”, which was used to promote American Idol. The Jordanian-born singer/songwriter didn’t quite take off but he certainly left an impression on his then label-mate.

“I believe [Ferras] is going to be an important artist to watch unfold,” the “Birthday” diva said in a statement. “I am so ecstatic the world gets to hear his music now both online and on tour with me.” She’s referring to the fact that her friend/artists will open for her on the North American leg of her blockbuster Prismatic tour. But there’s more. The pair even duet on new song called “Legends Never Die”. Produced by Greg Wells, it’s a beautiful mid-tempo ballad with a soaring chorus that I can’t wait to hear performed live. Listen to the song below.