Nicki Minaj Gets Tipsy In Behind-The-Scenes Video For “Anaconda”: Watch

You got to give it to the gal: Nicki Minaj really does love her Myx Moscato.

The Pink Print rapstress is taking us behind-the-scenes and straight into the jungle on the set of her upcoming “Anaconda” video, directed by Grizz Lee.

The newly unveiled teaser sees Nicki shaking it with her crew of top tier twerkers (as we saw in her initial Instagram teaser) and teasing with male models. “You look thirsty…like you want some of that Myx!” she sasses at one point.

But the fun really starts off-set, when Nicki keeps sipping from her cup and launches into a full-on Jamaican Patois accent, ranting and raving into a mirror and showing off for the camera. Perhaps she’s got a new Jamaican alter-ego on this upcoming record?

Also, some YouTube commenters are speculating that the shadowy male figure at the very end of the video is actually Drake. What do you think, Idolator readers? Watch below.  (NOTE: not suitable for work!!!!)