Radio DJ Spills Alleged Details About Taylor Swift’s Upcoming Single (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

Swifties, stop reading now if you don’t want to see any spoilers.

Love those horn-heavy hooks from “Problem” and “Talk Dirty”? Well, you’re about to get more of that: Radio DJ Christopher K of Sacramento’s 107.9 The End allegedly heard Taylor Swift‘s upcoming comeback single — and there will be horns.

Although those tweets have since disappeared from his timeline, the ATRL forum caught all of his replies to eager fans begging to know more: “The new Taylor is VERY fun & VERY poppy! Has a good message too, not to worry bout what ppl think of u, just shake it off #Swifties. Funny line from Taylor’s new song: ‘They say I date too much & can’t make em stay!’ haha It’s a positive song, not a love song #Swifties,” he originally tweeted. “Yes! It’s very fun & upbeat, and has a catchy horn sound playing throughout. She even pokes a little fun at herself in it!” Other insider sources allege that the track is called “Shake It Off.”