Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’ Album Cover And Mind-Boggling Tracklist Is As Endearing As It Is Awkward

Robin Thicke really wants to reunite with estranged wife Paula Patton. He made that pretty clear when by dedicating love songs to her at concerts, declaring his romantic intentions on new single “Get Her Back” and even naming his new album after her. At this point, the whole world is rooting for a reunion so he can go back to singing sleazy club-bangers.

The crushed crooner unveiled the cover of Paula  today (June 18) — a suitably dark and depressing affair — and its mind-bending tracklist (after the jump). Robin really wears his heart on his sleeve if song titles like “You’re My Fantasy”, “Love Can Grow Back” and “Forever Love” are any indication. The LP, which the “Blurred Lines” hitmaker wrote and produced himself, drops July 1. I really, really hope things work out for them or this will go down in history as the most awkward album of all time. More »