Robin Thicke’s ‘Paula’: Stream The Full Album

Many artists relate personal experiences in their music but listening to Robin Thicke‘s Paula feels like an act of voyeurism. That’s also what makes the R&B crooner’s very public plea for forgiveness to estranged wife Paula Patton so enthralling. It’s all kinds of uncomfortable (“You’re My Fantasy” and “Love Can Grow Back” feel like an invasion of everyone’s privacy) but there’s no denying the 37-year-old’s commitment and sincerity.

And it’s not all hyper-confessional. Lead single “Get Her Back” works as a straightforward soul ballad, while “Still Madly Crazy” is a warm and fuzzy love song. There are also a couple of total oddities like retro-funk anthem “Living In New York City” and the creepily hilarious “Black Tar Cloud” — complete with a WTF-inducing refrain about calling an ambulance. Robin clearly felt obliged to make this LP but it will be interesting to see how many people feel the need to own it.  You can hear Paula below.