Taylor Swift Was Super Nerdy On ‘The Tonight Show’

Taylor Swift dropped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to announce her performance at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. While there, she took part in the popular Ew! segment and played a super nerd. It appeared to come easily. From Billboard:

“America’s favorite gal pal who doubles as a Grammy-winning singer, Taylor Swift, stopped by the Tonight Show Wednesday night to announce she’d be performing at the VMAs.

But the singer gave fans an additional treat when she took part in the popular ‘Ew!’ sketch with Jimmy Fallon. Playing Natalie, Swift fully embraced the nerdy teen character, donning braces, glasses, and way too many hair scrunchies. She gamely joked her way through the silly sketch, but the best part came when Fallon’s teen girl character asked Swift her thoughts on various photos during a lightning round. ”

Watch below.